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Join the eXantria Affiliate Program and earn money while helping other creators succeed

eXantria Affiliate program

The eXantria Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for creators to earn money by referring other creators to the platform. As an affiliate, you will earn a commission of 5% on all sales made by creators you invite to the platform.

To become an affiliate, you must be invited by an existing affiliate or by eXantria itself. Once you are approved, you will be provided with a unique referral link that you can share with other creators.

When a creator you invite signs up for an account on eXantria using your referral link, they will be automatically linked to your account. You will earn a commission on all sales they make on the platform, and the commission will be paid out to you on a monthly basis.

The commission you earn is not only based on the sale of the artwork or photography but also the subscription of the creator you referred. This means that if the creator you referred upgrades to premium membership, you will also earn commission from that.

In addition to earning money through the affiliate program, you will also have access to exclusive resources and support from eXantria. You will receive regular updates on the program and have access to marketing materials to help you promote eXantria to other creators.

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